WAVE Timing Link

  • Below 40-fs timing jitter
  • 100-fs long-term timing drift (over 8 hours)
  • Tens of km fiber link length possible
  • Any frequency up to 10 GHz possible
  • High flexibility in terms of clock type, clock frequency and transfer length
  • Robust and fully automated operation
  • Multiple frequencies can be transmitted simultaneously e.g. maser frequency at 100MHz or 10MHz with 1pps


WAVE Timing Link
Timing jitter <40fs RMSintegrated from 1 Hz to 1 MHz
Long term drift <100fs RMSover 8 hours at 2-Hz sampling
Fiber link length<10kmlonger Links on request
Control Systemoptionalavailable in Epics, Tango…
Auto Lockincluded
Max. RF output15dBmuser defined
Max. RF output frequency10GHz
RF power stability0.1%
Dimensions Transceiver19 in. Rack Mount, 4HU
Dimensions Receiver 19 in. Rack Mount, 2HU
Weight Transceiver 16kgdepending on options
Weight Receiver8kgdepending on options


Clock or RF signal transfer over long distances, such as:

  • GPS distribution
  • Maser distribution
  • Atomic clock distribution
  • Particle accelerators
  • Radio telescope arrays


Cycle’s fully-automated WAVE LINK precisely distributes and transfers high-quality RF clock signals to remote locations, which can be even tens of kilometers away. WAVE LINK is actively stabilized and compensates any changes of optical path length caused by e.g. temperature variations. Therefore, multiplexing of other signals along the fiber is also possible.

Please contact our team of timing experts for your customization needs.

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WAVE Timing Link


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