SOPRANO-13/17 mini

  • Tunable wavelength around 1300 nm and 1700 nm simultaneously
  • Average power up to tens of mW
  • Repetition rates 1 MHz to 30 MHz fixed (tunable optional)
  • Pulse duration below 100 fs


SOPRANO-13/17 mini
Center wavelength1300 + 1700nm1550 nm output optional
Wavelength tunabilitytyp. 1300 - 1700nmdown to 1250 nm optional
Pulse duration<100fswavelength dependent
Avg output power1- 50mWat 1300 and 1700 nm
Pulse energyup to 5nJrepetition rate dependent
Pulse repetition rate30MHzdown to 1 MHz optional
Spectral bandwidthtransform limitedτp·Δν ~ 0.35
Beam qualityM^2 <1.2TEM00
Laser outputcollimatedfreespace output


  • Semiconductor Testing (e.g. OBIC)
  • Deep-tissue Imaging
  • MPM Modality
    • 2PEF/3PEF
    • SHG/THG
  • Biomedical Applications
    • Neuroscience
    • Optical virtual skin biopsy
    • Histopathology, morphology
  • Spectroscopy
  • Sensing


SOPRANO – the latest femtosecond laser of Cycle GmbH – is the ideal solution for various multiphoton imaging techniques. Especially with two (or optional three) simultaneous wavelength outputs and pulse duration below 100 fs, it is particularly suitable for specific applications in multiphoton microscopy (MPM). For example, deep-tissue 3-photon excitation fluorescence imaging (3PEF) of green/red fluorescent protein (GFP/RFP) within the biological transmission windows at 1300 nm and 1700 nm, using only one laser source.

Since the center wavelengths of the dual outputs of the SOPRANO can be customized and tunable, other applications and multi-modal imaging techniques may also benefit from this state-of-the art dual wavelength ultrafast laser.

SOPRANO is designed to survive harsh industrial as well as scientific environments and to deliver reliable 24/7 operation.  Additionally Cycle developed in close cooperation with biomedical experts to provide a unique light source with the best features of complex laser systems at an affordable price.

Please contact our team of laser experts for your customization needs.

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SOPRANO-13/17 mini


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