Balanced Optical Cross Correlator (BOC and TCBOC)

  • More than 10 mV/fs sensitivity
  • Lower than 0.5 fs noise floor
  • Down to 10 fs RMS timing jitter and timing drift
Cycle - TCBOC - 1


BOC and TCBOC Parameters
Input requirements
Control Unit for SD version (Synchronization Device)
Detector Sensitivity>10mV / fsat the detector output (not amplified)
Detector Resolution<0.5fsintegrated detector noise floor within 10 kHz bandwidth
Timing Jitter<15fswithin 35 μHz - 1 MHz bandwidth, depending on noise characteristics of master/reference laser and performance of slave laser intracavity actuators
Dimensions (H x W x L)300 x 270 x 66mm3
Weight5kgdepending on options
Parameters Value Unit Comment
Optical input wavelength<2000nmtailored for the wavelengths of interest
Optical input power10 - 50mWdepending on wavelength range and other laser parameters
Optical input typePM FiberFC or SC connector (free space input optional)
Pulse repetition rate<= 10GHztailored for the repetition rate of interest
ParametersValue Unit Comment
Dimensionsrack mountable, 19 inch width, 4 height units
Integrated feedbackincludedoptimized PID parameters
Control system interfaceincludedavailable in Epics, Tango…
Auto Lockincluded


  • Precise synchronization of the repetition rates of two optical pulse trains, at same or different wavelengths
  • Precise synchronization of the repetition rate of an ultrafast laser to the output of a stabilized fiber link
  • Compensation of jitter, introduced by amplifiers in a laser amplifier chain or in similar setups
  • Measurement of jitter and drift between two synchronized lasers or two optical beam paths from the same source
  • Measurement of optical path length fluctuations (e.g. caused by temperature changes)


The fully automated TCBOC precisely detects the relative time jitter between two independent optical pulse trains with different center wavelengths (Two Color). It is a natural extension to Cycle’s well-known and patented (one-color) BOC that is used for sub-femtosecond fiber link stabilization over kilometer distances. Due to a balanced optical detection scheme, the TCBOC provides exceptionally high timing sensitivity, attosecond timing resolution, amplitude invariance and robustness against environmental fluctuations. The output of the TCBOC is a baseband voltage signal that is proportional to the relative time delay between the two sources. This output can in turn be used in a phase-locked loop to synchronize the two optical sources (e.g. locking a Ti:Sapphire laser to a low-noise fiber oscillator). Standard wavelengths are 800 nm, 1030 nm and/or 1550 nm.

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