Balanced Optical Microwave Phase Detector (BOMPD)

  • More than 0.2 mV/fs sensitivity
  • Lower than 0.5 fs noise floor
  • Down to 20 fs RMS timing jitter


BOMPD Parameters
Input Parameters
Synchronization Device (SD) Option for BOMPD
Parameters Value UnitComment
Detector sensitivity>0.2mV / fsat the detector output (not amplified)
Detector resolution<0.5fsintegrated detector noise floor within 10 kHz bandwidth
Residual Jitter (SD)<20fsdepends on noise characteristics of master/reference source
Control systemincludedavailable in Epics, Tango
Auto lockincluded
Dimensions (H x W x L)420 x 300 x 171mm3
Weight10kgdepending on options
RF input power>15dBmup to 10 GHz. BOMPD tailored to frequency of interest
Optical input wavelength800 +/- 30nm
1030 +/- 30nm
1550 +/- 40nm
Optical input power>20mW
Optical input typePM FiberSM possible upon request
Pulse repetition rate<10GHzBOMPD is tailored for the repetition rate of interest
ParametersValue UnitComment
VCOincludedcustomizable upon request
Integrated feedbackincludedoptimized PID parameters
RF output power>10dBm
RF output stability<0.1%50 Ω impedance

The fully-automated BOMPD precisely detects the time delay between an optical pulse train, and the zero-crossings of a microwave signal. It generates a baseband signal that is proportional to the timing error between the two inputs, which in turn can be used in a phase locked loop configuration to tightly synchronize a laser to a microwave source or vice versa. Due to its balanced detection scheme, the BOMPD is immune to amplitude fluctuations of both optical and microwave sources and greatly suppresses the AM-PM conversion noise in the photodetection process. Cycle offers two additions to the BOMPD to complement our customers’ applications: RF generation option (which includes a low-noise VCO for generating an RF signal based on an optical clock), low-noise option (down to 5 fs synchronization). Standard optical wavelengths are 800 nm, 1030 nm, and 1550 nm. Please contact one of our timing experts for your customization needs.

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