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Dispersion Compensating Fiber

SM-DCF – Single Mode Dispersion Compensating Fiber

1550nm Single Mode Dispersion Compensating Fiber

  • Available for wavelength around 1550nm
  • Dispersion coefficent approx. -140 ps/(nm*km)
  • Mode-Field-Diameter 5 um


Single Mode (SM) Dispersion Compensating Fibers (DCF) for customized lengths with short lead times.

A growing number of applications in ultrafast lasers require proper dispersion compensation.

We also are happy to offer dispersion-matched SM fiber modules with customized fiber lengths.


  • Ultrafast fiber lasers
  • Fiber networks (ultrafast)
  • Microscopes

Tech Specs

Operating Wavelength

1550 nm


5 +/- 1 um


<0.6 dB/km

Dispersion Coeffient

-140 +/- 40 ps/(nm*km)

Cladding Diameter

120 +/- 10 um

Coating Diameter

245 +/- 10 um