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About Cycle

»We produce world-leading timing equipment that synchronizes RF and optical equipment to each other with sub-femtosecond resolution.«

– Prof. Franz X. Kärtner, Cycle Founder

Our Mission

Cycle is a young high-tech company that manufactures world-leading precision systems based on ultra-short pulse lasers. The DESY spin-off company was founded in 2015 by renowned researcher Prof. Franz X. Kärtner.

For customers in science and industry we manufacture unique products that enable new applications in biology, material analysis and precision metrology. Our systems are used in research facilities around the world, and as an official partner of ESA we supply the next generation of time distribution systems for the DeepSpace ground stations. We are constantly advancing our technology in close cooperation with leading international institutions.

Our Management Team

Prof. Dr. Franz X. Kärtner

Managing Director and Founder

Dr. Daniel Petters

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kemal Shafak

Head of Timing Technology

Anan Dai

Head of Engineering

Our Location

Cycle is located in the Start-Up Labs Bahrenfeld on the DESY campus in Hamburg . DESY is located in Bahrenfeld close to the Volkspark and Trabrennbahn. It is conveniently reachable by car or public transportation from the train station or airport. The closest train station is Hamburg-Altona. You can download the directions to our office below which also contains the campus map of DESY.

Customer Facilities
Systems installed

Our growth story

We have many years of experience in the field of laser technology

  • 2021

    Cycle moves into new office and lab facilities at Start-Up Labs Bahrenfeld

  • 2020

    Cycle awarded ESA contract to build next generation Frequency and Timing Distribution System

  • 2019

    Innovation Award for Biophotonics and Medical Engineering was awarded to Cycle’s femtosecond laser SOPRANO for Multiphoton Microscopy at the LASER – World of Photonics in Munich

  • 2017

    Installation of China’s first sub-femtosecond timing distribution system at the Dalian Coherent Light Source

  • 2016

    Cycle commercializes industrial grade femtosecond precision pulsed timing solutions

  • 2015

    Foundation of Cycle GmbH as a spin-off of DESY and University of Hamburg out of the Ultafast Optics and X-rays Group headed by F. X. Kärtner

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