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Optical Microwave Phase
Detection and Synchronization


Large accelerator facilities such as free-electron lasers (FEL) require equipment to be precisely synchronized over distances of up to several kilometers. Typically, the facilities’ lasers need to be locked to master microwave sources, such as masers.

Cycle’s Balanced Optical Microwave Phase Detectors (BOMPD) solve this problem with world-leading long-term stability and precision.

For more than a decade, Cycle’s BOMPD technology has been in operation in large accelerator facilities around the world, like FERMI in Trieste or at the Dalian Coherent Light source and Shanghai XFEL in China. In these facilities, the BOMPD helps wherever high accuracy between optics and electronics is necessary. In addition, it can help (re-)generating RF-signals from a stable master laser oscillator.

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