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Femtosecond Technology

Cycle delivers lowest noise timing and synchronization solutions as well as unique femtosecond fiber lasers. We transfer cutting-edge research into reliable products for scientific facilities and industrial applications.

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Customers trust us for applications in: Materials, Life, Industry & Space

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Cyclelasers precision products
based on optical fibers

We are a DESY spinoff with access to world-class research

Cycle was founded in 2015 as a spinoff from the DESY research institute in Hamburg, Germany. Our world-leading experts have access to the latest science in ultrafast laser physics.

Turnkey Solutions

Cycle systems are delivered with reliably engineered and tested electronics, software and optics. Our experts lead the installation, site-tests and user training to make sure our customers can focus on their work.

Customized Products

Every lab and facility has different requirements. We work closely with our customer throughout the entire project and beyond to deliver the solution which best fits their needs.

Service Guarantee

We understand that our customers’ time is very valuable and that user facilities need to work 24/7. We promise to deliver the best service to guarantee maximum availability of the technology our users rely on.
Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you deliver your systems?
Our systems are currently already in use around the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America. We are able to deliver to most countries around the globe.
I am not sure yet what my requirements are. Can you help?

Yes, our experts are available for free-of-charge consultation to help you identify your requirements. Please contact to set up a meeting.

Do you offer training for using your products?

Yes, whenever we deliver one of our solutions, we make sure that users are fully enabled to use the system.

Can you send me test results?

Yes, we have results from many systems we already installed and are happy to share with you which performance our products achieved.

Which lasers and microwave sources do your synchronisation products integrate with?

We have already interfaced ultrafast lasers and microwave sources from many different vendors. Ask us for recommendations or let us know what your requirements are.

Let’s work together!

We are happy to answer your questions.
Daniel Seiler

Let’s work together!

We are happy to answer your questions.