Innovative Ultrafast Technology

Lowest Noise Timing Distribution Systems and Unique Femtosecond Lasers
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Below you can find a selection of innovative devices from our product portfolio. Other state-of-the-art products you find in the categories above.

Timing Distribution  

PULSE Timing Distribution System

Unmatched Industrial Solution with Sub-Femtosecond Jitter
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Laser on optical table
Femtosecond Lasers  


Innovative multi-wavelength femtosecond fiber laser for 3PEF and MPM
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Synchronization Modules  

Balanced Optical Cross Correlator (BOC and TCBOC)

Lowest noise synchronization of two femtosecond lasers
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Cycle GmbH, a DESY spinoff company founded by Prof. Franz X. Kaertner and other scientists in 2015, holds the exclusive licenses to commercialize the key synchronization technologies from his research at MIT. It focuses on femtosecond related products.


Watch a short video on Cycle timing solutions below: