The fully-automated TCBOC precisely detects the relative time delay between two separate optical pulse trains, with different center wavelengths. It is a natural extension to Cycle’s well-known (one-color) BOC that is used for sub-femtosecond fiber link stabilization over kilometer distances. Due to a balanced optical detection scheme, the TCBOC provides exceptionally high timing sensitivity, attosecond timing resolution, amplitude invariance and robustness against environmental fluctuations. It produces a baseband voltage signal that is proportional to the relative time delay, which can then in turn be used in a phase locked loop configuration to synchronize two optical sources having different wavelengths (e.g. locking a Ti:Sapph oscillator to the output of a timing-stabilized fiber link). Standard wavelengths are 800nm, 1030nm and 1550nm. Please contact one of our timing experts for your customization needs.


  • Tight synchronization of the repetition rate of two optical pulse trains at different wavelengths
  • Tight synchronization of the repetition rate of an ultrafast laser to the output of a stabilized fiber link
  • Tight synchronization of a pulsed laser to a master laser
  • Compensation of jitter, introduced by amplifiers in a laser amplifier chain or in different setups

Product sheet: Two Color Balanced Optical Cross Correlator (TCBOC)

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