The PULSE Timing Distribution System enables precise timing between remote locations. The system uses ultralow-noise pulse trains generated by a mode-locked laser (i.e. optical master oscillator) as its timing signal. The timing signal of the optical master oscillator is transferred through fiber-optic timing links from a central location to multiple end stations whose transmission delays are stabilized by balanced optical cross-correlators. Either an ultrafast laser or a microwave source can be tightly synchronized to the end of each stabilized fiber link, with Cycle’s TCBOC or BOMPD respectively. One TDS-platform is capable of serving up to 8 links. Due to the modular design, several platforms can be added after each other, so that the system can provide more links. The TDS comes with its own control system, which is fully automated, including an electronic pre-locking system to have a completely self-starting and self-locking solution. Please contact one of our timing experts for your customization needs. It has a timing jitter and long term drift below 1 femtosecond. 

The WAVE Timing Distribution System precisely distributes and transfers high-quality RF clock signals to remote locations, which can be even tens of kilometers away. WAVE LINK is actively stabilized and compensates any changes of optical path length caused by e.g. temperature variations. Therefore, multiplexing of other signals along the fiber is also possible. The timing jitter is below 40 fs and long term drift below 100 fs.  It is a very economic alternative to the more precise PULSE TDS.

Application for both TDS are for example:

Tight synchronization of distributed RF and laser sources in facilities such as:

  • Free-Electron-Lasers
  • Particle Accelerators
  • Radio Telescope Arrays
  • Laser Research Centers
  • Laser Amplifier Chains
  • Quantum networks

Product sheet: PULSE Timing Distribution System (TDS)

Product sheet: WAVE Timing Distribution System (TDS)

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